Burris Backyard

Burris Backyard

Every once in a while a project comes along that transcends the stereotypical playground improvement. When a community sees a playground as part of their childhood, and a part of the community itself, extra care and consideration is required. This was the case with the school playground, “Burris Backyard” at the Burris Laboratory School in Muncie, Indiana. Originally a large community involvement project to build a massive wood structure that has stood as a symbol of pride for an amazing 20 years, time had taken it’s toll, and a replacement was needed.


Muncie, IN

Age Range



6 weeks



Though we were chosen to handle the project, fine tuning the details of the final structure was a long process between Shane Burris, our project manager, the architects from Ball State University, and the fine executive staff at Burris Lab School. Together, we had designed what would be one of the largest composite playground structures in the nation.

The time had come for the work to begin. Removal of the iconic wood structure was the talk of the neighborhood, including ridicule from many of those involved with the original project many years ago. As the construction of the new structure continued, interest turned to excitement. The massive structure rose from the ground and began to transform into a vision that many believed would never return to the Backyard.

Once completed, it was obvious that the new playground not only met, but exceeded the expectations set forth by those with such fond memories of the past. With the fine products produced by Playcraft Systems, this will be a structure that stands the test of time for the next 20 plus years of play for generations of kids that visit or attend this amazing school.

It was our distinct honor and pleasure to be affiliated with a truly memorable project such as the “Burris Backyard” project at the Burris Laboratory School.

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