Site Amenities & Outdoor Park Furniture

In addition to commercial play systems, we also offer a huge selection of site furnishings for playgrounds, parks, schools, neighborhoods, public areas and more. Our site amenities are designed to enhance and complement any setting. Our products are made from only the most durable materials for trouble-free performance. From benches and picnic tables to grills, bike racks, and trash receptacles, you can be confident of the quality and value that is built into each of our products.

The park furniture photos shown below represent just a small portion of our available products, so if you need something not shown here, don’t worry! There’s an excellent chance we can make it happen. Give us a call at (317) 776-7830 to speak with a commercial specialist today.


Commercial Recreation Group offers many unique bench styles for a variety of settings including parks, schools, churches, and more. Whether you prefer a sleek, backless look, or a more traditional style, we’ll help you choose the benches that best fit the needs of your guests and the desired aesthetic. Certain styles can also be customized with your logo or other design to really stand out from the crowd. Benches are available in children’s sizes too, making them a great addition to school playgrounds.

Picnic Tables

Nothing says family summer fun like a picnic at the park! And while it can be fun to spread a blanket out and have lunch on the ground, many park-goers find that having an outdoor table makes the whole experience much easier and more enjoyable (especially when the ants decide to join the party!). Picnic tables are available in various sizes, styles, and colors with seating on two or four sides. We also offer round-style and wheelchair accessible picnic tables.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are a great way to ensure your guests can enjoy visiting your park, playground, or business without worrying about the security of their bicycles. They are available in a variety of shapes from classic single loop to multi-wave styles that can accommodate many bikes at once. Looking for something a little more outside the box? We also offer bike racks in countless unique shapes, and can even bring your custom design to life! Your guests will love the fun twist of a classic park staple.

Trash Receptacles

While they may not be the most glamorous park furniture items, trash receptacles are essential to providing a clean and enjoyable experience for your guests. Making sure people have a convenient place to dispose of trash items greatly reduces littering. Better yet, including recycling receptacles encourages visitors to make environmentally-friendly choices when cleaning up after a picnic or snack break at the park. We offer a wide variety of recycling and trash receptacles, with or without lids and in various capacities. You may even opt for a custom design or logo to highlight your brand while leaving a visual impression on your guests.