Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing

Poured in place safety surfacing (also referred to as PIP) is the best surface of choice for public and private schools, parks, and daycare centers. Our poured in place rubber safety surface can be customized to the colors, designs, and shapes that best fit your project. Choose your school or town colors, mascots, or any other design you would like to see.

The raw materials used are comprised of a SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) base and an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) wear coat. Poured in place should be installed over a hard compact substrate (this is typically compacted stone or concrete). We recommend including drainage during the planning process since PIP is porous and will allow water to permeate through it. Poured-in-place surfacing can be used in many application such as playgrounds, pool decks, sports tracks, patios, garage floors, walking trails, mall play areas, and more.

Benefits of Poured in Place Surfacing

Fully Customizable

Customers love poured in place surfacing for a variety of reasons. It’s the only type of safety surfacing that can be fully customized with any design. That’s right: from colorful patterns and vivid imagery to school logos and more, if you can dream it, we’ll turn it into a reality. Looking to keep it a little more low-key? Solid colors are perfectly acceptable too! New options even include glow-in-the-dark poured in place surfacing, for a fun new twist.

Durable and Maintenance-Free

In addition to being fully customizable, poured in place rubber playground surfacing gets rave reviews for being maintenance-free. Unlike loose-fill mulch surfaces, you’ll never have to worry about “topping off” your poured in place surface. It is extremely durable and designed to withstand years of heavy traffic and weather without loosing it’s brilliance.

ADA Friendly

Poured in place rubber is ADA friendly for wheelchair guests since it provides a smooth, solid play surface. It’s great for strollers as well. And if that weren’t enough, PIP is exceptionally sanitary and easy to clean.

How Much Does Poured in Place Rubber Cost?

Due to the nature of the material and the effort involved in the design and installation process, PIP surfacing incurs more cost upfront than most other safety surfacing options. However, since it is maintenance-free and extremely durable, our customers find it well worth the investment. The best way to get an accurate cost assessment for your PIP rubber surface is to contact us at (317) 776-7830. We’ll put together a custom quote for your project and answer any questions you may have.

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