Cool Creek Park Playground

Cool Creek Park playground is the feature playground in the Hamilton County Parks Department lineup. Designing a playground for such a well known and respected park department was a tall feat that we gladly took on. It was a pleasure and an honor to be able to provide our design and equipment for this project. It was featured in the July-October 2019 issue of Hamilton County Parks & Recreation publication The Chatterbox.


Westfield, IN

Age Range



5 weeks



The new Cool Creek Playground was designed with the outgoing playground layout in mind. That said, the park board asked that we implement a new concept that the park department is looking to include in many of the parks around Hamilton County, called SOMAstations. This is a social interaction focused adult fitness area, that we specifically placed so that parents can keep an eye on their kids of either age group while working on that physique.

“On a “playful” note, we are so excited about our new playground at Cool Creek Park…The proposal submitted by Hamilton County’s own, Recreation Unlimited, was outstanding! The highly-regarded Noblesville firm went head-to-head with some of the nation’s largest playground companies and outclassed them with their proposal.”

– Allen Patterson, Director, Hamilton County Parks & Recreation

The play structures were designed to optimize play value and interaction throughout the entire structure. The many slides, climbers and ladders promote kids having to navigate their way to the top of the over 20 foot tall structure to then slide back down. To literally top things off, the structures are fitted with multi-colored 12′ wide shade sails that provide ample shade for those hot summer days spent on the playground.

Large, colorful musical pieces were added to the design to be sure everyone can have fun. These include line of 9 foot tall musical chimes that can be played by using attached mallets. Five multi-colored drums and 4 large musical flowers round out the list.

Lastly, multiple styles of swings were chosen to give visitors of all abilities the thrill a playground is meant to provide. The list includes 2 large disc swings, 2 ADA inclusive swings, 6 standard belts seat, 1 toddler seat, and a new product by Playcraft Systems, the Playshare swing. This is a 2 seat swing with an adult seat on one side and a toddler bucket on the other, so parent and baby can enjoy swinging together.

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