SnapSports® Flooring

We’re all about supporting healthy lifestyles…and having fun in the process, of course! Installing a basketball court or other sports court (for whatever your sport of choice may be) is a great way to bring people together and inspire an active, healthy community. We’ve teamed up with SnapSports to bring our customers the most extensive line-up of quality modular sports surfaces for both indoor and outdoor applications.

What is SnapSports?

SnapSports is modular athletic flooring designed for fast-paced, high-impact sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, inline hockey, and more. Shock deflection provides extraordinary impact control and ball response while supplying unmatched shock-absorption to athletes, even during the most aggressive play. SnapSports surfaces are also unique in that they can can be portable or permanently placed.

As the originator of the outdoor backyard sports court industry, SnapSports is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular sports flooring for both residential and commercial applications.

With more than 35 years in the outdoor courts and flooring industry and 22 current patents (plus dozens more pending), no other company matches the level of performance and player safety provided by SnapSports athletic surfaces. They’re also a 100% American made sports flooring company.

Why SnapSports?

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Weather-Resistance
  • Patented Safety Technology

One Sport or Many: Multi-Courts Make it Easy

We sometimes find that our customers don’t want to limit themselves to one particular sport or type of court. Basketball is always a popular choice in Indianapolis, of course, along with tennis, volleyball, and even pickleball! A Multi-Court is designed to accommodate all your favorite sports and games in a 30′ x 60′ (or 1800 sq. ft.) space, which is roughly a quarter of the size of a standard tennis court. These courts are ideal for active families because they allow multiple sports to be played on the same multi-purpose court for maximum usability.

We are your one-stop-shop for all things fun, and is proud to be an authorized SnapSports dealer in Indianapolis. To learn more, visit the SnapSports website, or contact us at (317) 773-3545 to speak with an expert today.

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